For over twenty years, the Oxford Advanced Studies Program has offered enthusiastic young people, from the US and elsewhere, the opportunity to study and live in the historic and vibrant city of Oxford, home to one of the world’s oldest and most celebrated universities.  Based at Oxford Tutorial College in the city center, just a few steps from the High Street and around the corner from Oriel and Christ Church colleges, it is an informal student-centred learning environment that is conducive not only to serious study but also a lively esprit de corps.


The core of our instruction method is, as our name implies, the tutorial.  For some, this word translates to a session of remedial work in a specific subject, but in Britain “tutorial” refers to an intensive one-on-one meeting between scholar and tutor in which an essay might be critiqued, a philosophical tract or novel discussed, or the ideas arising from both essay and reading explored by both, working together.  This highly privileged and increasingly rare method of instruction has been in use for centuries and serves as the academic modus operandi of Oxford University.

Participants include those seeking credits to complete High School, ‘Gap Year’ students and college students taking an overseas term or semester.  All are looking for a study abroad experience that will expand their intellectual and cultural horizons and offer academic freedom.  Drawing on the wealth of teaching talent in this illustrious university city, we pride ourselves on the quality of our tutors, the small class sizes and a personal approach that allows us to closely monitor the academic progress and emotional well-being of each student.

Any appraisal of the program cannot afford to overlook the beauty of the setting.   The very fabric of Oxford - its harmonious array of parks, rivers and gardens, its lively student culture and centuries of academic debate and tradition, not to mention the splendor of its libraries and ‘dreaming spires’ - is an integral part of the experience of all who come here to study.  In recognition of this all-important aspect of Oxford, we host weekly visits to places of historical and cultural interest in the city and its environs, so as to ensure that our students depart with more than just a taste of England’s rich heritage.

It is satisfying to witness the ways in which students develop and mature during their time with us and to see how much better equipped they are to meet the intellectual and personal challenges of college and adult life when they depart.  By giving themselves ‘the Oxford edge’, they stand out amongst their peers and set a cornerstone for further successful academic study.   For those with a passion for scholarly adventure, who have tired perhaps of the impersonal lecture hall and wish to experience the intimacy, open dialogue and intellectual latitude of the tutorial, who hope to expand their cultural and academic horizons in a place of beauty and rich tradition, the Oxford Advanced Studies Program is a marvellous experience as well as a unique opportunity.