Oxford Advanced Studies Program

The Oxford Advanced Studies Program is in its twenty-eighth year. Organised by Oxford Tutorial College, a well-established and respected educational provider, the courses provide international students aged sixteen or over with the opportunity to live and study in the heart of this beautiful university city. One-on-one tutorials are the core of the Oxbridge teaching method and we take a similar approach. On all OASP courses, students receive at least one such individual tutorial every week in each class that they take. Tutorials are complemented by small group seminars, with presentation and explanation of each topic under the tutor’s guidance.

Summer Course

The Summer Course is held each July and is residential at Brasenose College, Oxford. A wide selection of academically-relevant courses, creative workshop options, opportunities to explore some of the many treasures to be found in this enchanting ancient city, and visits to some of the premier heritage sites in England make this an unforgettable summer study experience.

Applications are invited from students who are setting their sights on a competitive college place and who wish to gain new perspectives and develop their academic skills in this historic and inspiring environment.

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Academic Semester

The Academic Semester courses begin in September, January and April and are designed for international high school graduates. The stimulating classes offered provide an ideal preparation for college-level study. Applications are also invited from High School seniors and from college students who want to spend a term or longer abroad.

The course is not just about academics and a varied and enjoyable program of visits and activities is arranged, adding an extra dimension to the study abroad experience.

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